Saturday, February 23, 2013

Real Estate and Commercial Photography..We Do It For You

We now offer photography for real estate and property. Thomas Haynes Photography is centered in Anderson County, Tennessee and our work area extends within reasonable driving distances into Knox, Roane and surrounding counties.  Cities of Knoxville, Clinton, Oliver Springs, Kingston and others are easily served. 

                              Our photo featured in Homes and Land of the Smokies magazine

Certainly real estate agencies and individuals wanting to sell property often do their own snapshots. If you do a wonderful job, more power to you! However, many seller generated photos leave something to be desired from a marketing perspective.  If the first image does not catch the eye of the shopper, odds are they will look no further and will not revisit your listing!  We believe the comparatively low investment in quality photography is well worth it and this is not a place to be penny wise and pound foolish. No matter how easy it is to use a  point and shoot camera, easy might cost the sale.  Actually, it is not easy to get really good photos to market your property.  We  are invested in high level equipment, take time needed at the property to capture the best views and spend twice that time in editing. 

Marketing is what it is all about, getting the potential buyer to look, like what is seen and take the time to go through the listing. Studies by real estate giant Redfin provide up to date statistics that pro-level photos not only increase selling opportunity but often result in a higher sales price when all is said and done. Think of  homes in the $300,000 plus price range. That is the price level where the advantages of a DSLR camera and experienced photographer/editor kicks in  We don't expect to shoot all your properties and your lower priced listings.  Higher end property? That certainly justifies higher end marketing photography.

As a way to market Thomas Haynes Photography and introduce you to our services, we offer a no cost to you  photo shoot.              
FREE SAMPLE PHOTO SESSION*    You get an exterior view and 4 interior rooms put on our website to view. You look at the photos and see if we are on the same page with your marketing.
 *Free samples sessions are limited to reasonable driving distance from our central location. We must make that determination.

  Samples, a very short selection...


                              Window to great room in a mountain home

A rural stables commercial property

This fine "barn style" home is no longer available. We shot and edited
photographs for the agency and they selected the 
images to best market the home.
Contact us through the e-mail link on the upper right of this page. We will let you know if you are in the physical driving range for a free sample shoot and will certainly mail you our information and other particulars at your request. Agencies and owners wishing photography may contact us.
See Website Photos HERE

______________Other Photography We Do__________________  
Pets, job site or light commercial and personal photos: Contact us and talk about it. If within our areas of experience we will work with you.  If what you need is best handled by another photographer, we will tell you straight up and if possible recommend a contact.  More information and photos to view are on our Website