Monday, February 17, 2014

A bird returns and a thought on pets now gone..snowy February

"Excuse me while I touch the sky..." This shows all but the most recent kitty grave on the hill behind our little house. It is just to the right. I wanted these with a breath of snow and got that. There are no kitty spirits here; we believe the same God who breathed life into us is big enough to take care of the Creation He loves. Those spirits are in a place special and unknown to me.
 cat grave markers with light cover of snow, in woods

This is a hermit thrush, the only thrush to winter over in the USA.  Last year was the first to show here and we also found one dead on our front deck. When this bird showed up this year, it was a nice surprise.  The winter birds have plenty of feed and suet here.

hermit thrush on snowy day outside window