Monday, August 31, 2015

A Photograph, not a Snapshot

With literally thousands of snapshots and selfies are recorded everyday,  I have seen a decline in clients looking for a professional photographer.  Weddings and baby photos are exceptions, however often the quality and artfulness of the photos in print miss the mark when people go for the least cost and often least experience in doing that work. Over the years, I have discovered that time spent editing a group of photos is 2 to 3 times the minutes or hours spent in actually "taking the photos".  During that time at the computer, in a nutshell this is what happens:  The best images are selected and set aside.  A second review is done for the selection of first choice photos. Photos are corrected for accurate color. This and the other basic corrections mentioned next, require in the least a calibrated monitor.  The primary monitor I use is a NEC­­­­® and calibration requires software and external measuring device used directly on the screen. Colorite® color cards are used to calibrate the camera.  Contrast, intensity of color, strength of shadows and highlights are adjusted. (Differences in these visuals and composition define differences in styles of one photographer next to another. Images are sharpened for print, projector or computer monitor and cropped(edges adjusted) to allow specific print sizes and provide the best display in print or on Internet.

Photography has a definite place in fine art and this photo is an example. This is the photographers interpretation of the time and place, presenting it as the photographer wants with an atmosphere and mood you would be pressed to find on an everyday drive here, rain or not.
dark highway, rainy driving scene

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