Monday, August 8, 2016

Nanny Goat and Two Kids, Appalachia Style

An easy drive east and we come to the Museum of Appalachia,  John Rice Irwin’s fields and woods filled with cabins, barns, work buildings and some livestock typical of old rural Appalachia.  The buildings include a log church house and one room school building carefully moved from original locations in the country and reassembled there for tourists and the rest of us to visit and get a tiny feel for life a few years ago in this part of Tennessee in and around the green Cumberland mountains.    Small pastures border the entrance road and it is in these fields we often find subjects for our photographs.  We noticed the quite small and very, very cute baby goats a couple of months ago when they were almost to short to reach their mother for milk. Today, the nanny and her two kids were in the field near the road.  They are small animals, full of energy and typical goat rambunctiousness.  We got these photos then went into the front building for a simple Sunday lunch. 
Small white nanny goat with two kids

Old Appalachian barn in platinum tone image

See a neat draft horse from the field toward this old barn at our commercial photography blog site, first page on the blog.  The Museum of Appalachia is a fine visit if you are in the area or passing through on I75.

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