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Commercial Photography including commercial photography for the small and medium sized business is being moved to a dedicated blog:

The blog contains useful information on photography methods, how-to's and a concise sales pitch. We do want your business. Please visit the blog and add your comments or opinions on what is contained there.  

The information below will stay here until the transition to 
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Photography for Business Marketing... job site, what you do, catering, remodels, etc.  We do in-house photos, marketing and advertising photos for print and Internet

We are Thomas Haynes Photography.  We do good work and want to talk with you about our services. 
We work in eastern Tennessee, based in Anderson County. E-mail to see if you are in our working area.

See what we do in 10 minutes of your time:  We have no salesman--You will speak directly with our Owner and Primary Photographer/Editor.  You will see a portfolio of our work and get information on prices and licensing of photos for your use on the net and in print.

                                                             Our work from last fall.
See blog post with sample photos here
E-mail to set an appointment or have our info mailed to you. (link is at upper right of this page.)


·       Listings of $300,000 and higher benefit from professional photography.  That is a proven statistic*.  * Research by Redfin real estate sales.                                                                                             

  For real estate sales, we do a free trial photo shoot...·
     We photograph exterior view and three interior rooms for your review.**
The images go on a temporary web gallery for your viewing. It costs you nothing and does let you know if we are on the same page for your real estate marketing.

**Drive distance will determine if you are with in the area for which we are able to offer this free photo session. 

We want to speak with you and help work out what we can do best for your business. We show what we can do. You then decide.

We want to visit your location if you want personal photos of pets, animals and interaction with your family.  Talk it over with us.


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