Friday, July 15, 2016

TIME FORBasket A FULL REDO..Turning this Blog Around and Fresh Again

This blog was initially to cover interesting topics of nature, religion and what might come up worth considering.  The intent was to illustrate topics as well as could be with photographs from our commercial photography blog.
 reed basket, on a stand, empty but for the strrong glow of sunlight going through.,
Basket of Sunshine
 We did not want this to be just another extension of photo business marketing efforts but to have a life of its own, even if awkward at times.  This Landing Heron blog was for us to be a breath of fresh air, set apart from our gallery website 
and from our photo blog.

As time has worked on us, we used this blog to promote our photo business then moved most of that off the Landing Heron blog, trying to restore the original focus and to once again find this a place to comfortably write and illustrate a variety of topics where we find separation  from business pressures in the meantime.  We hope it works because such rest is very much needed.

This basket-full of sunshine is what we need... and is a goal of approach and attitude for this blog in its new makeover.

Monday, August 31, 2015

A Photograph, not a Snapshot

With literally thousands of snapshots and selfies are recorded everyday,  I have seen a decline in clients looking for a professional photographer.  Weddings and baby photos are exceptions, however often the quality and artfulness of the photos in print miss the mark when people go for the least cost and often least experience in doing that work. Over the years, I have discovered that time spent editing a group of photos is 2 to 3 times the minutes or hours spent in actually "taking the photos".  During that time at the computer, in a nutshell this is what happens:  The best images are selected and set aside.  A second review is done for the selection of first choice photos. Photos are corrected for accurate color. This and the other basic corrections mentioned next, require in the least a calibrated monitor.  The primary monitor I use is a NEC­­­­® and calibration requires software and external measuring device used directly on the screen. Colorite® color cards are used to calibrate the camera.  Contrast, intensity of color, strength of shadows and highlights are adjusted. (Differences in these visuals and composition define differences in styles of one photographer next to another. Images are sharpened for print, projector or computer monitor and cropped(edges adjusted) to allow specific print sizes and provide the best display in print or on Internet.

Photography has a definite place in fine art and this photo is an example. This is the photographers interpretation of the time and place, presenting it as the photographer wants with an atmosphere and mood you would be pressed to find on an everyday drive here, rain or not.
dark highway, rainy driving scene

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Photograph posted for the pure joy of seeing it...

That is how I feel about this photo from July of and peace of a rare coming together of the right elements,  making composition and memory all in the right place. I remember being quite peaceful standing at the river edge as morning fog came in and surrounded me.  A moment later the fishermen were not visible through the cool mist.

Fishermen on a river pier, seen trhrough dense morning fog
This photograph is like a rare few in my collection over the years, able to stir the emotional memory to the surface.  Only a few photographs are able to locate deep memories memories  and bring to our senses a moment of emotion from similar to what we once had. Imagination alone may not serve well enough to create mood but sound, smell, or sight like this photograph are catalyst enough to make "it real" once more,

This is when a photograph speaks to us...

Once earlier in my photographer life, a gentleman told me a photograph does not speak. He derided the notion.  I pitied him for seeing nothing from his ivory tower but the technical aspects of the craft...and for feeling nothing from events in his life to create a library of recollection to live again, if only for a short moment.  I suppose if you cannot feel a situation in the first place, you will not have memory strong enough to be lifted again in the elusive joy of past events.

I am a professional photographer, better described on my web galleries and business blog.  This particular blog, Landing Heron, is for the fun of it all and the joy.  We welcome business talk through these other places on the web:  Photoshoot, my business blog   and in my gallery of photos at this location

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Painting to Fool the Eye

I found these photos from 2003, taken with a "state of the art" 4mp Minolta point and shoot while attending the 140th Reenactment Commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Frederick, Maryland was the closest we could find lodging and is where we "found" the wonderful "Community Bridge" mural project: Artist William Cochran and his assistants painted the entire structure by hand, using trompe l'oeil ("deceive the eye") techniques. Yes, this is all flat wall, none of it is real but the structural elements and the wall behind the paint.
trompe l'oeil, Frederick, MD.

trompe l'oeil, Frederick, MD.

trompe l'oeil, Frederick, MD.

trompe l'oeil, Frederick, MD.
Another surprise in Frederick is the Frances Scott Key memorial grave site at the Mount Olivet Cemetery. He wrote the lyrics for the "Star Spangled Banner" during the War of 1812.  I have been told he wrote the National Anthem also.

Francis Scott Key Grave Memorial

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cat good can it be?

This is one of two boy cats who showed on the front porch just as my wife was returning from the vet with a little adopted tortoiseshell female (aren't they all female?).

Soon enough the boys were part of the cat family.    This is Davey, a kitty much like a Russian Blue in many characteristics.  Their personalities are very, very good for house cats. They will be trained to go outside on a leash and to stay in the area of our home...that's the plan.  It has worked before and might work this time, too.  He was on the ironing board, set up beside where I sit when editing photos.  Not having used the video feature of my Nikon DSLR, this was the opportunity. One thing is needed:  External Microphone instead of the little one built in.  The built in mic does ok but picks up sound of auto focus and my breathing if I happen to sigh or such.  This video is a couple of steps down from highest quality/ largest size to make web use easier and to show on Android type phones.

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