Monday, March 28, 2011

A Private Walk

These kitties came from the barn and followed me everywhere. The idea was a day to do nothing but get a few decent photos of the old farm and relax, getting thoughts away from  job searching for a while.  It worked. The cats would let me get some distance ahead then behind I would hear this small herd of two cats running at full speed, then swish right by, one on each side.  They would stop, turn and look. I would start walking and we explored the farm together. The cat stampede happened several times.   Except for people with ill intent, these cats are pretty safe for outdoor cats.  The greatest predator is a coyote, those critters pictured as part of the wild west but becoming more and more common in Tennessee.   It sure does help to take a break and refocus on peace and priorities...the farm is fun.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

This is a brand new just born Blog..a new baby waiting to grow.

That Heron is me right now; my landings look awkward but are not yet so well done in the end. So, we begin and maybe you can start things going with a reply.  Talk of cats and cat health,  photography (a passion of mine),  jewelry ( I used to make it and nice stuff at that) or of Jesus.  

We could talk about finding a job since I am unemployed at this time, and last month and the one before that. Do you know that almost the only way to apply for a job is on the Internet?  The days of walking in a door and handing a kind hr person a resume are over. Apply Online and don't forget the keywords.  You see, the stuff you spend time putting together even with a cover letter is likely scanned for keywords directly linked to the job at hand.  You have all the qualifications? Without the keywords a real person is unlikely to ever see all your hard work at the keypad.  

I  had one job going, I thought.  Well, the keywords were not there.  I did it right the next time, same job, new resume with same qualifications but with the keywords gleaned from the job description all polished and sparkling .  Yikes! It worked fast!
That same day someone actually saw my resume...and advised me to try again for some other job and thanks for considering their company.  No job. Was I  too awkward looking in the resume, scattered, too qualified or not qualified enough?  I would love to know why the rejection. Honestly, knowing why could be helpful next time around don't you think?  No job there but I take joy: Someone saw it.

For a baby blog, this is too serious sounding logging. Enough of this. Now you know.  Next log should be something very neat perhaps, once we see through its awkward disguise.  

Blessings, peace and joy for all.               Thomas.