Monday, September 26, 2011


TIGER HAVEN, big cat sanctuary is still under attack by neighbors. 

A visit some years ago showed the sanctuary to be clean and the big cats receiving good care and veterinary help as needed. The sanctuary is larger now but even then similar complaints were voiced in public venue from a group of residents in the area. Not in the current article (link below) are positive comments from other neighbors reported some few years ago. There may very well be motives more personal than the stated complaints, as earlier legal actions were alleged as “land war” concerned less with the cats than “outsiders” purchasing the land in the first place. Who but the people involved know the real truth?  Likely none of us do!  I have not approached Tiger Haven in an effort to gain photography access for posts such as this one.  See the Tiger Haven website for current operational and rescue information.

Neighbors Sue the Sanctuary

Counter-suit by Tiger Haven

Please go to the Tiger Haven website and see what it looks like in a peaceful view:

Tiger Haven is simply defined as a sanctuary, a place for rescued large cats to live out the rest of their years in peace. Tiger Haven is private and not a zoo. It is not a breeding facility and in fact, males are provided vasectomies, a method allowing the cats to live more naturally without adding to the cat population. See the Tiger Haven website and be pleased with the rescues done there.  The work is tireless and does come at a price.  Contributions are always needed, including money, particular supplies and veterinary services.

The big cat population consists of many different species including lions, tigers, leopards and cats of rarer types rescued from unhealthy and often illegal ownership situations.

Friday, September 16, 2011


NEW PAGES WILL TELL OF CATS ADOPTED AND RESCUED. The cats came from shelters or "showed up" living on their own in neighborhoods having been dumped or after escape from cruelty.  These animals have lived in a good home for several years since rescue and each has a story to tell. 
Molly is a gray blue cat with very soft fur...adopted 3 years ago after being lost or thrown out.
 Click for a larger view.

Many people make good caretakers for pets. Unfortunately, many who take in pets, whether dogs, cats or other animals simply do not provide the care the animals need.  The animal may have a home but later die because proper  medical attention was not considered needed for an "animal" or the owners were not willing or able to pay for medical care. Females of both cats and dogs are often adopted then become pregnant because the owner cannot afford to spay the animal or simply refuses to pay for spaying.  The female may then be dumped, taken to the shelter or worse.  Babies are given away with little thought of the home awaiting them or are taken to shelters. In a worse case, babies are killed because they are not wanted and the mother is blamed for becoming pregnant.

WILL YOU BE A GOOD PET OWNER/CARETAKER?   Read the short stories of the cats in upcoming pages and ask if you would be as willing to provide for the animals.  Animals bred for pets do not survive well in the wild, regardless of the misconceptions of them being wild animals and capable in wild settings. A feral cat or dog will survive only a few short years and a domestic one dumped into the wild will die in a relatively short time of starvation, predation or disease.

I HOPE YOU ARE OR WILL BE A RESPONSIBLE PET CARETAKER. The situation is one of sharing and those who love domesticated animals will readily tell how much the animal provides in joy, comfort, companionship and simple fun. As this article is continued, short stories of particular rescued animals will be told, simple stories you may find very well worth reading. 

Look for new stories on the tabs in the header of this web page. 
 The stories will tell of funny things, strange events and health issues faced and taken on.  Happy stories are best and most of the upcoming stories will be happy ones.  I will tell of ghostly cats and a cat who was a genius in geometric designs. You will also read of hydration for cats with kidney failure and radio iodine treatment for cats with overactive thyroid glands.  You will also learn how the very, very biggest was the most gentle and quiet of all..with heart of love.

The stories will be published as pages, a method used in blogs to tell continuing and connected articles.  To publish as daily posts always puts the most recent story at the top. That is good for daily postings but for a continued article everything is backwards, last to first. So, to keep it in order, tabs will be in the page header for the cat stories so you may easily choose which to read.

I may solicit your story?  Do you want to tell readers about your rescued pet? Email that to me and I will get back with you about using it. I am still thinking how this might work out. If you want, I can edit and rewrite your story for you. Stories will need to be no longer than the post you are now reading. (My MS Word says this is about 600 words. Do not worry about the exact length but please try to stay close.)

Now, I am off to do other business and hope you will find the upcoming pages on rescued animals to be worth reading and passing on to others.        Sincerely,   Thomas Haynes..

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have saved it all including the photos and will provide the info to anyone needing it again in the future. For now, other projects await and the photo exhibit pages need to be revamped and updated prior to republishing.

You want what?  Email me or comment to this post to suggest an article.  I know something of digital photography work and processing. Suggest a photo if you want to do that. I know a lot about jewelry work but am burned out on that now. (In the sidebar  there is a link to a place I help with  jewelry questions...please use that link and not the blog for jewelry subjects.) I do know something of God and Christ in Christianity. 

My Christianity..a point of view for life developed over many years,  thinking I had a handle on the life God wants for me and learning I have much more to learn about what is really happening. I am learning better how to endure tougher times and try to see what that has to do with my growth as a person of God.  That personal trial and journey is on going and vital.  The tabbed pages on "God" are imagination used to paint a story of a search for God.  The method is flawed as thoughts flowed with a stream of consciousness to the keypad; yet, value is there in an "unedited" sort of way.  Those pages are not complete. That is one wall I face:  Trying to complete the "God" pages in a meaningful, telling manner.  It must be done in truth and not so hidden in surreal environments and imaginary places.

In the meantime, let's be off to fun, joy, happiness and...endurance.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yellow Rose, Red Rose...Anniversary Treasure in an Off Year

Symbols of Memories...
Is it a song, a photograph, a smell or a place?  What stirs your memories to events wonderful and to events you would rather not remember?  I will speak only of good memories today and small treasures in life in the form of an actual thing and the memory it brings to surface in my thoughts.

While serendipitous events of everyday life may evoke pleasing thoughts of happenings long passed, many of us create small boxes of memory joggers for no reason other than holding our memories and for sharing with others. The dried roses in the photo are one small treasure in this home. At other places in the home are discretely displayed vases of dried roses.  Given to celebrate and remember our wedding anniversary,  each year was marked with an additional fresh yellow rose.  The number was up to over two dozen roses when the cut back happened.

Going into the new year of 2011 my employment was cut away. In a couple of months she lost her job, also.  This was a year for a vase of many roses delivered so she could enjoy the blossoms and opening buds during the work week. She might even receive a kind comment from a coworker.  All of that would bring joy to me.  But not this  roses and no office for delivery.

Look at the vase in the photo.  On the left is one dried red rose and with it one yellow one.  This year, there is a yellow rose for the year and a red one to represent all the years before.  These roses have a home in the vase of roses from an earlier year. Next year should bring a new vase very, very full of yellow roses.  And, there is an office to receive the delivery.

I must pray thanksgiving to our God for the many years and now for her new employment.  By next year, I should be re-employed, one way or the other.  I also thank God for creating such beauty as roses.  These flowers do hold significant places in my memories, whether the yellow one of anniversary or the old Welsh roses from an earlier  post.

What you might have of good memories, what you might have of kindness in your heart relived...I pray those thoughts will come to bring you joy.