Saturday, April 7, 2012

Azalea Blossom and Design for Life

These flowers are part of a celebration of Spring. As Passover season begins and Christian Easter is observed, beauty in creation is seen in tiny and large ways.  As for Easter, there will be more rabbits and colored eggs for the fun Easter than thanksgiving for the Messiah. I wish the children knew of both Easter games and the hope given all through the Christ crucified and risen. We will smile as children play and thank our Creator for our blessings.  With the sound of happy children there will be eyes blessed with beauty...the fortunate ones.  For those suffering now, there will be no Easter eggs but the hope of the Christ can be in their hearts. We pray for peace.

This close view of an Azalea blossom is for all who visit here. Do you see the pistil  surrounded by the stamens with pollen showing there?  Bumblebees visited these blossoms today and with each visit for a taste of nectar, the bee carried with it a touch of pollen. That pollen when touched to the pistil of another bloom will pollinate the flower, the process leading to creation of seed.

These parts of a beautiful flower blossom are intriguing in design.  Still, what do I see with my eyes and not the close lens of the camera?  We see the flower..its form and color and beauty.  This welcome to a new season is what truly catches emotion and joy.