Monday, December 9, 2013

Pickett State Park, Tennessee. Easy trails, breautiful features, day trip from Knoxville

Pickett State Park above Jamestown, Tennessee is a relatively easy day trip from the Knoxville area.  From the southeast, take the road up to Jamestown to avoid  a section of very steep and curvy cutbacks at the base of Big South Fork National Park.  Big South Fork is a wonder in itself and should be given added time in the woods and rough and tumble mountains. 

Just west of Big South Fork and north of Jamestown, the smaller Pickett State Park is a worthwhile day trip from the Knoxville area or places of similar distances. We skirted Big South Fork, managed the steep curves and did not smoke the brakes.  This way from I75 is about 1 1/2 hour drive time. Coming back through Jamestown was definitely a longer but easier drive.

Once in Pickett Park, the trails are relatively easy and go to pleasing small wonders such as the natural bridge in the photos below. The sandstone of the area has given nature a sculptor's paradise and rock formations are both beautiful and enticing. 

We cannot assure you the tree with the tiny base is still standing! The photo was shot in mid-fall of 2013, showing apparent woodpecker work on the tree base down to hardwood core.  This tree was spotted aside the Natural Bridge trail. 

Balanced tree, eaten away to the core wood
  Is this tree still standing since mid fall 2013? 

HDR photo, stream at Pickett State Park
 High dynamic range photograph of stream and woodland, mid fall, 2013
Easy trail to the natural bridge
 Trail to natural bridge is an easy walk.

Furrowed sandstone rock face below natural bridge, Pickett State Park
 Furrows in sandstone, natures carvings

Color variations in the sandstone rock face, Pickett State Park
 Colors in sandstone under natural bridge

Beneath natural bridge in Tennessee state park The natural bridge: Take secondary trail to cross bridge or go up rocky steps at   base of the formation

Laurel thicket along stream, Pickett State Park
Mountain laurel along a stream: This view is easily accessed on foot or vehicle

We hope you enjoyed these few photos of a beautiful state park in Tennessee.