Saturday, October 25, 2014

Photograph posted for the pure joy of seeing it...

That is how I feel about this photo from July of and peace of a rare coming together of the right elements,  making composition and memory all in the right place. I remember being quite peaceful standing at the river edge as morning fog came in and surrounded me.  A moment later the fishermen were not visible through the cool mist.

Fishermen on a river pier, seen trhrough dense morning fog
This photograph is like a rare few in my collection over the years, able to stir the emotional memory to the surface.  Only a few photographs are able to locate deep memories memories  and bring to our senses a moment of emotion from similar to what we once had. Imagination alone may not serve well enough to create mood but sound, smell, or sight like this photograph are catalyst enough to make "it real" once more,

This is when a photograph speaks to us...

Once earlier in my photographer life, a gentleman told me a photograph does not speak. He derided the notion.  I pitied him for seeing nothing from his ivory tower but the technical aspects of the craft...and for feeling nothing from events in his life to create a library of recollection to live again, if only for a short moment.  I suppose if you cannot feel a situation in the first place, you will not have memory strong enough to be lifted again in the elusive joy of past events.

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