I am seeking contract photography assignments in the extended Knoxville-Oak Ridge areas of eastern Tennessee. I will also consider related permanent employment.
We should talk about it.  Do not overlook the value of my photographic experience to your business, as employee or by contract or image license.

Consider this:   I am experienced in working in changing economic conditions, realize the need for being a proactive, productive part of the company and am quite able to quickly learn particulars of a specific job. Yes, I am a proven and stable part of the company, whether contract or permanent.   Non-photography experience includes  core functions of MS Word,  Excel and PowerPoint. Imaging software is primarily Adobe Photoshop™ and Adobe Lightroom™.  I am quite comfortable with technology and learn new software as needed. 

Relating to your photographic needs might mean working directly with your clients. I am well able to receive clients and customers with courtesy, establishing a working rapport while completing related tasks in a totally professional manner.

Photography assignments  considered  generally include  real estate interior and exterior photos for web and magazines such as Homes and Land.  Job site and personnel imaging is part of it. In addition, non-c0mmercial photography includes people, grown-ups and children... and things.  I place an emphasis on pets, animals and their homes in an environment natural to them.  Weddings? No, no wedding photography from me but I might have someone to recommend . 

The actual photography work is a relaxed sort, in your location outdoors or in. Natural lighting is preferred.  As may best be done,  I photograph your animals in their habitat to show how they live and play in your time with them. 
Email Me  me to discuss options, availability and locations.
Please include "work" in subject line.  

As the author, this blog offers some insight but is not by any means all of me. This blog considers many subjects and photography examples of varying intent. Please go to the blog beginning to see what is revealed of my photographic skills. 

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